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Understanding The Cost of Sessions

I feel it's helpful for you to understand why sessions are the cost they are:
By seeing a clinical psychologist you are receiving support from someone who is highly trained, with years of experience, an expert in their field who has helped hundreds of people. Our training and experience allows us to tailor therapy to you, the individual, which means it is more likely to provide a long lasting positive impact. 

Therapy sessions are also priced due to the work which is involved both in, and out of sessions. Outside of sessions, I spend time thinking about your difficulties, how to help, preparing resources, writing out formulations, liaising with other professionals (i.e. GP), and possibly writing letters and reports if needed. It is also mandatory for clinical psychologists to undertake regular private supervision and so preparation for this is also factored in. 

By dedicating time and money to seeing a psychologist for therapy you are investing in yourself, in improving your life, and potentially those around you; what could be more important?

However, please do get in contact if you really would like to see me but you are unable to pay the fees, concessions are available.

Understanding the Cost: Credentials
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